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Moonwix Polly Pocket

Moonwix Polly Pocket

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Open up Luna’s Polly Pocket crescent moon & step inside a soy wax wanderland. Moonwix Polly Pocket features 14 of our pastel candles, the apartment’s iconic disco ball gumball machine, Gerald the snail who is always seen amongst our candles at markets, our dachshunds Elmer & Judy & yours truly as Polly! 

Candles Featured 

Strawberry Short Cake • Goddess Statue • Chonky Smiley • Retro Phone • Ghost • What’s The Tea • Rubber Ducky • Standing Daisy • Bubble Christmas Tree • Tiered Christmas Tree • Mini Christmas Tree • Chubby Mushy • Standing Mushy • Big Fat Bear 

Available in 8”x10”

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